Tales of a Loving Son
Back to the old routine.

The first time my mom and I were together took place on a Friday night, so we had the whole weekend together, neither of us left the house and we rarely left the bed. Needless to to say it was a little weird to get back into the usual routine come Monday morning. Having to wake up early for school, my mom acting like my mom and not my lover for the first time since it had happened. 

She woke me up at my normal time, 6:30 a.m. telling me that while I showered and got ready for school, she’d be downstairs making breakfast. We kissed quickly before she grabbed her robe and went downstairs. I felt like she was kind of distant, I mean, we had fucked countless times this weekend and now she was acting like my mom, which I had almost forgotten. I knew she told me she wanted to do it over and over again, but it made me wonder if this was just a weekend thing, once it hit Monday we’d forget all about it. 

So I went and showered, got dressed, everything I would normally do, my mind going a mile a minute the whole time. Finally, I went downstairs to find her at the stove, cooking some eggs, as I walked into the kitchen just as some toast popped up and she gave me a smile, “Well, just on time” then went right back to cooking. 

I walked up behind her and placed my hands on her hips and kissed her neck, sucking gently on her skin, she kind of shrugged me away and said, “Why don’t you go and grab a couple plates for us.” It kind of turned me off and did as she said, taking a seat at the kitchen table. She came over and put some eggs on my plate, then hers. She then went over and grabbed the toast, giving one to me, then to keeping the other for herself. We started eating and talked, she asked me if anything was going on at school today, I told her “not really”, it was a completely ordinary conversation.

Soon the bus arrived and I got on, heading off to school. The entire day I wasn’t focused, just thinking about what I did wrong, why was she like that? Finally, for what seemed like longer than usual, it was the end of the school day. I got back on the bus and I was on my way back home. I got off the bus and noticed my mom’s car in the driveway, normally she gets home from work a few hours after I get home from school, so I found it a little odd.

I walked into the house and found her sitting on the bed in the bedroom, just thinking away. That’s when I knew something wasn’t right, thinking she had taken the day off to rethink us, that we shouldn’t be doing this anymore, everything I didn’t want to think about. I walked into the bedroom and just said, “Listen, if I did something wrong, I’m sorry, or if you don’t want to do this anymore, we’ll do whatever you want.”

My voice broke her thoughts and she looked up at me, once again, my insecurity just made her smile, thinking it was cute. She got up from the bed and dropped her robe, underneath she was wearing some kind of black lace lingerie, complete with stockings and high heels, still smiling and shaking her head, “I stayed home from work today to get something to make up for this morning”.

As she walked up to me I was extremely confused, my eyes were glued on her body, I had never seen her in anything like this before, the closest I had ever seen was her normal nightgown, and even that was nothing like this. My mind still wasn’t sure though, “But why were you like that this morning? You barely even looked at me.”

Just as she walked up to me, she placed her hands on my chest, gently kissing my lips, “I was like that because you had to get to school, I knew if we I didn’t control mysel there was no way I’d let you go. And you need to go.” She smiled at me and pressed her lips tight against mine, I instantly kissed her back and ran my hands down her body. Feeling her curves through the thin lacy fabric. Knowing she was right, if she had let me have my way with her, at best, I would have been an hour or 2 late for school, if I ended up going at all.

I broke our kiss and whispered against her lips, “I was so worried I did something wrong, I didn’t want to lose what we have.”

She blushed a little, looking into my eyes and shaking her head, “Baby, I don’t think there’s a thing you can do to screw this up.” We began kissing again as she slid her hand down the front of my pants, grabbing my cock and stroking it. I pushed her back onto the bed, pulling just her panties down, keeping all the lingerie on her as I could. Still pushing her up the bed I quickly undid my pants, pulling them and my boxers down. Almost in one movement I thrusted my hips, shoving my cock up inside her, it must have surprised her as she gasped out loudly, her eyes getting big. She smiled and whimpered, “oh baby” and pressed her lips tight against mine, holding my cheek in her hand. With every thrust she groaned louder in my mouth. 

She wrapped her legs around my waist, feeling the heels of her shoes against the small of my back the stockings against my sides. As we fucked harder our bodies began smacking together loudly, her hands on my shoulders tightening on my skin. The bed began making the noise it had made many times over the weekend. She broke her lips away from mine and started screaming from cumming, looking deep into my eyes as she did. She was so beautiful in that moment, even moreso that usual, I could tell how hard I was making her cum, how much love and passion was in that orgasm. Then she kissed me again, whimpering into my mouth as I continued to fuck her. Finally after another length of time fucking she began cumming again, this time she took her lips off of mine and held tightly on my cheeks, pressing my forehead against hers as the orgasm built up. Finally letting go she screamed my name and her body began to shake. I could barely take the sight of her cumming anymore, I shoved my cock up inside her harder and deeper than ever as I came. I could feel my seed release, hitting deep within her, I just groaned out and kissed her again, she barely kissed back as her mouth was wide open, still whimpering.

A few minutes just laying there, my cock still deep inside her, she finally started to recover, gently rubbing my cheek she looked into my eyes, “Baby, you turn me on so much, I love you, I can’t believe how much I love you.”, then kissed me. I kissed her back gently and told her, “I love you too mom, so much.”

I pulled my cock out of her and we laid down, just holding each other and breathing heavily.

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The morning after.

I awoke from the sun shining through the window onto my face. Shifting a little, trying to get the bright light out of my eyes, but as I awoke, I realized I wasn’t in my usual bed. Looking around I realized I was in my mom’s room, looking down next to me, seeing my still naked mother laying there. Then remembering everything that had happened the night before, smiling to myself as I remembered it all. For a second I had thought it was only a dream, after all, it wouldn’t have been the first time I had dreamt of my mother. 

I looked over to the end table to look at the time, it was nearly 11 a.m. Much later than I’m used to sleeping, but I guess we needed it after the night we had had. Looking back to my mother, I smiled, seeing her smiling in her sleep, looking so content, knowing that I made her that content.

I was going to let her sleep, but I couldn’t help myself, leaning down, I gently pressed my lips against hers, feeling her lips kissing back. Once I pulled my mouth away from hers, I saw her eyes slowly open, looking up at me. Her smile immediately grew bigger when her eyes finally focused. “Good morning Chris” she moaned out.

Leaning back down, kissing her again, I replied, “Good morning mom”.

She groaned and closed her eyes as she stretched her arms out, before laying on her back, the sun shining perfectly on her big round tits, looking back up to me, “Last night was amazing baby, thank you, it was exactly what I needed.”

She sat up next to me and my mind was racing, the way she said that didn’t sit well with me. “Wait, mom, that wasn’t some one time thing for you, was it?”

She snickered a little bit, at first worrying me that she was going to say ‘of course it was, I just needed to get a good lay to get back on track, it didn’t mean anything’. But then I saw that sweet smile that had come across her face last night, “Oh baby, no, of course not, that’s something I want to do over and over again”. She moved her body in closer to me, kissing me, placing my hands on her hips, as I passionately kissed her back. Both of our hands exploring each other’s bodies, before she smiled wide against my lips, looking into my eyes, “In fact, it’s something I kinda feel like doing right now”.

Both of us laughed together before we really got into our kissing match, moaning into each others’ mouthes, I ran my hands down her curvy body, cupping each of her big tits. I broke our kiss and began kissing down her chest, wrapping my lips around her nipple. She laid back and placed her hand on the back of my head, cradling me. I just suckled on her for a few minutes, knowing I’d get nothing out of it, but it just felt so familiar and safe.

She closed her eyes and ran her fingers through my hair, “Oh baby, that feels so good, feels even better than when you were a baby, I loved when you suckled on me then.” I took my lips off her nipple and moved over to the other one, sucking on that one. “Mmmm, in fact, when you were a baby, I used to touch myself when you drank from me, it felt so good. Last night wasn’t the first time you made me cum”. My eyes lit up as I looked up into her eyes from her chest.

Finally taking my lips off her, I moved back up, pressing them against hers, whispering, “I love you so much mom”.

She whispered back, rubbing my cheek, “I love you too baby, more than you’ll ever know. “

I moved my body up so it was between her thick thighs, my body still not completely developed into a man, the difference between our bodies was so obvious, if anything, it just turned both of us on even more. 

Unlike last night, I was taking control this time, I took each of her thighs in my wiry arms and rubbed my hard cock up and down her pussy lips, they were so wet from me suckling on her. I just smeared her juices all over my cock while it leaked precum. She sat up a little, kissing me before looking into my eyes, nodding, “go ahead baby, be the man, fuck me, fuck me like a slut.”

I kissed her back just as I thrusted my hips, shoving my cock deep up inside her, to which she screamed out my name. I really began rocking my hips and she placed her hand back on the back of my head, kissing me deeper, she whimpered into my mouth. The bed began creaking under us like I had never heard it before, just confirming she really hadn’t gotten anything any time recently. I hadn’t even heard this bed creak back when she was still together with my dad. Who knows just how long it had been. 

I felt her fingers running down to my back, her soft fingertips rubbing up and down it, as her groans and whimpers got louder, I felt her fingernails beginning to dig into my skin, realizing she must be close, I rocked my hips even faster. Just then she screamed out, “ohhhhhh Chrisssss! Fuck! I love youuuuuuu!”. I slid my cock in and out a few times as her cumming slowed down, that’s when I realized I hadn’t came, unlike last night when I fucked her. So, I slowly slid my cock out of her before I pulled her up the bed, putting her on all fours. She whimpered as I did it, knowing I was going to fuck her again, but she wasn’t complaining.

I took my cock in my hand and traced her now dripping pussy lips before pushing the head inside her. I slowly pushed inch by inch inside her, making her groan, noticing her fingers tightening on the bed sheets. I slowly pulled it back out to the head and shoved it back in, faster and harder. She began moaning again as I fucked her faster. Her ass began smacking up against my hips as the entire length plunged up into her. As we fucked faster her ass smacked against me louder and harder, our skin turning red where our bodies met over and over. Finally I felt that pressure building again, about to cum, this time mom was way too busy screaming to tell me not to cum, so I just pounded away at her, hoping she would be fine with it. 

Just as I began cumming I buried my cock as deep inside her as I could, her ass smashing up against me. Pulling it back out and shoving it in again, I felt her pussy clamp down around me, she screamed so loud that I wouldn’t have been surprised if our neighbors heard. As our cumming slowed, I pushed my cock inside her one more time, holding it there, letting her pussy milk it for everything I had.

After about a minute we both collapsed back down onto the bed, both laying down in the same positions we had been when we woke up, me on my back with her cuddled into my chest, both of us breathing heavy with a think coat of sweat on our bodies, smiling wide at each other before we fell back to sleep, sleeping another couple hours.

I find your who situation very fascinating.. you should write more if you have the time.

Thank you very much! I actually have been planning on writing a couple posts a week. I got extremely busy the past few days after creating this blog. So, from this point on, expect to see more.

Our first time.

Well, the first post. There’s really no better place to start than me and my mother’s first time together. I suppose I’ll stick in a bunch of background information so I can paint a picture of the situation. Here it goes.

My father left when I was 12, my parent’s marriage didn’t really end on any bad terms, it was a mutual separation, they just didn’t love each other. Really they stayed together for me, they wanted to bring me up, at least in my early childhood years, in a “normal” household. I respect and appreciate that. My mom got almost full custody of me (I saw my dad maybe once or twice a month, there was no set amount, that’s just how much it ended up being), not because my dad wasn’t a good guy, he was and still is. It was just he has a job where we might be called at 3am and have to go halfway across the country at a drop of a hat. That’s no way to raise a kid. 

So, I lived with my mom. It was just her and I, they hadn’t had any other kids besides me. She took the divorce very well, mostly due to the fact that I think they had been planning it for years. Seeing her happy, made me happy, so we were both happy together. She dated almost immediately, but nothing seemed to stick longer than a few weeks, she just couldn’t find the right guy.

Back when I was a kid, my mother was my first crush, and she never left my head. I had always been so physically attracted to her. She was my first everything when it comes to exploring myself. She caused my first boner, I was thinking of her the first time I jerked off, and she was who I was thinking of the first time I ever made myself cum. My attraction never went away and I treated her amazingly, I didn’t wait on her hand and foot by any means, but I did as she asked me to do, without complaining. In the years after the divorce, her and I really did end up becoming best friends. We would take turns making each other dinner, we’d watch TV and movies together on the couch, we did all kinds of things together. Of course, behind her back it was something completely different, I stole her panties and bras, using them to help me masturbate. I even found some sexy pictures of her on her computer that my dad must have taken when they were still together, I copied them on a flash drive and put them on my computer, just adding them to my masturbatory aids.

Us being friends and her dating guys went on for a few years until I turned 15. It wasn’t long after my 15th birthday that I noticed that she had started to become depressed, she didn’t work as hard to dress up when she went out and even staying in, she would just wear sweats with no make up. I still thought she was gorgeous either way, but I could tell she wasn’t her usual self.

So one day I confronted her while we were eating dinner. I asked her what was wrong, she told me how she was feeling bad about herself, she hadn’t found a guy that would stick around for more than a couple weeks and she had no idea why. She was regretting waiting to get divorced, convinced that in waiting those years to do it, she had lost her looks, and any chance of being with a man for an extended period of time. I couldn’t tell her quick enough how beautiful she was, and that there’s no way she had lost any of her looks, that she was more gorgeous every day. Once I finished saying that, I know I blushed because I could feel how hot my cheeks got. I didn’t mean to seem so passionate about it, I thought it must have sounded creepy coming from her son. But she smiled sweetly and thanked me, telling me how much it meant to her, since I’m the one man in her life that will always be around. She leaned over and kissed my forehead before she cleaned up our dishes from the table. I could tell I had lifted her spirits as she almost immediately seemed like her old self. While she rinsed the dishes off, she turned back to me with a smile and asked me if I wanted to maybe do a movie night, which we hadn’t done in months. I eagerly nodded, excited to spend some time with her where she wasn’t down on herself. She told me to go get our favorite comedy and to put on my pajamas so we could be really comfy.

I went back to my room and got out of the clothes I had been in all day, putting on a tshirt and loose pajama pants. As I came out of my room, her and I passed each other in the hall, she told me she was going to get comfortable herself and asked me to get the movie ready for when she came back out. So, I went into the living room, popping the DVD in, switching the sound system to the DVD player, changing the TV to right channel, etc. For a few minutes the menu played through on the TV while I waited for her. Finally she came out of the hallway, wearing a knee-length satin night gown. I had never really seen her in anything like that before so it left me a little dumb struck. It was by no means slutty or revealing, but it was more revealing than I was used to seeing her wear. I know she noticed the look on my face because when I snapped out of it, she was blushing and smiling at me. I acted like I hadn’t been staring, but it was too late. She moved in really close to me, pushing her back into my chest, sitting between my legs as the movie began. I wrapped my arms around her and held her close as we watched, laughing at all of the normal places, saying the lines while the actors said them. It was a really fun night, and then the credits ran and I flipped it off, figuring we’d both be heading to bed as it was pretty late, but we ended up just sitting together and started talking. She asked me how school was going and how my grades were, the usual mom stuff. Then the conversation turned to girls and it went from there…

"So is there any girls at your school that you think are cute, or whatever guys say these days?", she said with a laugh.

I replied with a big smile, “No, not really, there’s not really any girls that interest me at my school”. 

From the way I said it, she must have realized there was someone, but I was telling the truth she wasn’t at my school. “Oh yeah?, sounds like there’s someone. Who is she?”.

At this point my mind started racing, trying to think of a good lie, not wanting to reveal that it was her. If I came up with something good, maybe she’d drop it, the more guilty and secretive I sounded, the more she’d pry. I just couldn’t do it though, not under that pressure, not without a lie already decided in my head. So, I just shook my head and said, “It’s no one, really” sounding incredibly guilty of lying.

She turned her body so she was more facing me with a big smile on her face, nodding, “Ok, you don’t have to tell me. Why haven’t you asked her out?”

I shook my head again, looking away from her and told her, “It’s because I’m sure she would never even think about being with me, ever.”

Her voice was so sweet, trying to make me feel better, “Oh, honey, why would she say not be interested? You’re such a handsome, sweet boy. If I was a teenage girl, I’d go out with you in a heartbeat.”

That’s when I did what, at the time, I wish I hadn’t done. I looked quickly back to her and eagerly said, “You would?!”

She must have realized who I was thinking about then, but I could tell she didn’t fully believe it, so she dug a little deeper. “Honey, does this girl know how amazing you are? How passionately you feel about her?”

I shrugged a little, looking into her eyes, “I think she does, but I’m scared to death what she’d say if I admitted my feelings to her”

She smiled sweetly and said, “I’m sure she’s very lonely and wouldn’t be against it, especially now that she knows how you feel about her”

I blushed and managed a nervous smile, looking into her eyes, I knew we were both on the same page now, so I leaned in, hesitantly, and gently kissed her lips, before pulling mine away to see her reaction.

She opened her eyes that she had closed for our kiss, looking into my eyes before leaning back in, kissing me this time. Of course, I kissed her back and it turned less away from a gentle mother-son kiss. I felt her hands rubbing my chest and I felt her tongue slide into my mouth, my tongue responded and massaged hers.

After a few minutes of making out, she took my hands in hers, leading them up to her chest, cupping each of her D-cup breasts. I breathed out into her mouth as I felt them for the first time, taking advantage of it, squeezing and kneading them in my fingers. Another minute or two passed and she ran her hand down my body and grabbed my crotch, finding my cock through my pants, beginning to stroke it through the thick fabric. 

It wasn’t long before I had full confidence in what I was doing, taking more control of her. I pulled her nightgown up, revealing her naked body. I began kiss down her chest, between her big tits. That’s when she pulled my shirt off and then pulled down my pants. 

My cock now completely hard, she held it in her one hand, smiling wide at me, “Oh wow, my little boy isn’t so little anymore is he?” She kissed my lips one more time before leaning down, wrapping her lips around my cock head. She gently sucked on the head before pushing it deeper in her mouth, bobbing her head up and down. I just laid back and let her, never having a blow job before I didn’t know if she hadn’t lost a beat after getting divorced all those years ago, or if she was off her game and even a bad blow job felt this amazing.

After a few more minutes she took my cock out of her mouth and looked up at my from my lap, “Fuck baby, I need you inside me, I haven’t a cock inside me since your father, I need it so bad”

Looking back down at her, I nodded quickly and told her, “Yes, I want to make you feel good mom, I want to be deep inside you” 

So she moved up to her knees, straddling my lap before lowering herself down, my cock entering her. With this being my first time ever, she told me to just let her do everything, and I wasn’t disappointed, enjoying every second of it. She felt so amazing going up and down my cock, her pussy feeling like nothing I had ever felt before around my cock, like I could have never imagined. I loved the feeling of her body slamming down into my lap, driving every inch of my cock up into the womb that bore me. The house seemed so quiet, except for us, our moans, the couch creaking under us, our bodies slapping together.

I felt the pressure beginning to build and I moaned out that I was going to cum, she shook her head, “No baby, just a little longer, I’m so close, hold on if you can.”

So I did, I had practiced holding my orgasm when I jerked off, but I wasn’t sure how well I’d be able to do it now that I was with what was literally my fantasy girl. I managed to and I felt her already tight pussy clench down around my cock, she threw her head back and began screaming my name, “ohhhhhh, oh fuck yes, oh Chrisssss!”

Between struggling to hang on any longer, the feeling of her clamping down, and the sight of her bouncing up and down in my lap while screaming my name, I couldn’t do it anymore. I shoved my cock up inside her as deep as I could as I felt it erupt like it never had before, shooting harder, shooting more than ever. Not able to help it, I must have groaned just as loud as she was screaming as we came together.

She bounced up and down in my lap a few more times before we both slowed down, just holding each other. I have no idea how much time passed but I looked down and my mom’s forehead was against my chest and I heard her crying. I tilted her face up to mine and saw the tears in her eyes. I couldn’t ask her fast enough what was wrong, had I done something wrong, was it not good?

She forced a smile up at me through her tears, shaking her head and told me, “No, no, god no baby, it was amazing. But it shouldn’t have been amazing, what we just did was so wrong, but it was so great…I’ve never cum like I just came with you, not even with your father. I felt so right, but it shouldn’t have”

I smiled back, nodding, knowing what she meant. I wiped her tears away with my fingers and kissed her lips gently, whispering against them, “It did feel right, so right” kissing her again, “I love you so much mom”

She smiled even brighter, only a couple lingering tears, “I love you too baby, I always thought you’d be the only man I need in my life, and now that we’ve done that, I think I might have been right”. She took my cheeks in my hands and kissed me passionately before getting up off my cock, leading me up to her bedroom, where we slept, my arms around her.

From that night on, I never slept in my room again, her room was now our room, and we weren’t just mom and son anymore.